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50L Chemical Spill Kit in Shoulder Bag

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The ‘Van’ Chemical Spill Kit in Shoulder Bag with Drain Cover will absorb up to 50 Litres of liquid. The ‘shoulder bag’ kits have been designed for their portability and to give you the facility of a quick response in the event of a Chemical Spill.

They can be easily stored in the boot of a vehicle and can be carried by hand. Placed in multiple locations around the site, factory, warehouse, plant, garage, farm or chemical site, they can give optimal initial response should a Chemical Spill , or leak occur.

They are easy to hang on a wall, or the rear of a fork-lift. Keep one in high-risk areas such as fuelling points and drum storage areas. With the addition of the Drain Cover you can be rest assured any Chemical Spill age will not enter any nearby drains.

Capacity: 50L
Weight: 15Kg (approx.)
Dimensions: 60cm x 45cm x 35cm (approx.)

1 x Shoulder Bag
2 x Absorbent Chemical Socks (3m x 8cm)
25 x Absorbent Chemical Pads (40cm x 50cm)
1 x Drain Plug (65cm x 45cm)
1 x Disposal Bag & Tie
1 x Instruction & Contents Sheet