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Aluminium Builder’s Spazzle with Wooden Handle

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FAISPAZZLE Aluminium Builder’s Spazzle with Wooden Handle

The Faithfull Builder’s Spazzle, also known as a Lute, is a lightweight landscaping tool ideal for levelling tarmac, concrete and loose materials such as soil and gravel.

The strong but lightweight 600mm wide head is made from extruded aluminium and fitted to a 1.67m FSC® European ash wood handle. The wide head delivers faster smoothing of new asphalt to cover potholes when preparing for compacting with a tamper, roller or plate compactor and is perfect for pulling hot asphalt mix out evenly over the ground. Ideal for use by professional ground workers.


Head Size: 605 x 95mm
Handle Size: 1670 x 24.5mm

Price on request

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Aluminium Builder’s Spazzle with Wooden Handle