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Become a Member is new from PPE Suppliers Ltd


Become a Member by completing online registration form and get instant ‘automatic’ storewide discount with added service absolutely FREE!

At a glance, in plain speak: who get’s the discount > how do I sign up > what’s the catch?


(You don’t have to be a Member to buy from us. Simply checkout via PayPal, no account or membership is required)

Membership is available exclusively to businesses, organisations and self-employed end users of safety products resident in the UK, both nationally and local to Teesside. That means we don’t sell B2C (Business to Consumers) as we leave that to others.

Levels of Membership

We have several levels which cover various buying preference. They are:

  1. Trade Account Terms: buying on account (APPLY ONLINE HERE) subject to satisfactory credit checks and trade references
  2. BACS Payment: buying online but deferring payment from instant to BACS
  3. Instant Payment (via PayPal or Card): buying securely through the website, getting the same low pricing as Trade Terms

Why join? It’s the perfect time to join a Trade Membership for supplies of PPE, Hi Vis, Workwear & Uniform and Safety Footwear. Here’s why:

  • Members receive our lowest prices with highest discounts
  • Get exclusive stock sell-off offers, promotions and sales first – we offer our Members the savings before the casual buyers
  • Logo application to hi vis, fr clothing and workwear are given priority to Member orders – meaning the fastest of turnarounds
  • Access to exclusive services, ring-fenced products and priority support is reserved for those customers who trade with us most
  • Product sourcing and special orders are reserved for Members. We supply way more then we stock, or offer on the website
  • We “look after those who look after us!” Reciprocal commitment delivers urgency and assurity best found through partnership
  • Port delays and issues mean containers are held up and stock resupply had become a serious issue in 2021; this will get worse. By subscribing and joining as a Member you gain access to stocks held in reserve, helping keep supply constant throughout the year

As a Member you will receive access to five key service and commercial benefits detailed below, available exclusively only to subscribed Members:

  1. Lowest Prices – Highest Discounts
  2. Ring-fenced Stock Reserves
  3. Workwear & Uniform Logo Priority
  4. Call-off Stocks & Stock Management
  5. Product Sourcing & Special Orders

How many applications are we accepting?

At PPE Suppliers Ltd we’ve never been interested in being the largest business, or boasting about how much business growth we’ve enjoyed year on year since start-up in 2016. Instead we keep quietly under the radar and simply serve our customers, expertly; with appreciation.

To become a member entails that we access each trade application on merit, to establish if we can genuinely enhance supply of their safety products and services. In doing so we honestly feedback how we can assist, best serve, and discover what’s required of us by each member.

We always maintain an industry-leading service offering to those businesses already with us; ensuring we grow at a pace which never compromises overall service and support deliverables. This way we can welcome new customers and continue to expand business in an organic and planned way.

So how many new members we can work with depends on customer scale and requirements. The first applicants gain advantage by inclusion into the first intake of new memberships.

How well-placed are we to supply large and small businesses, delivering an advantage over incumbent suppliers?

Firstly, we are members of the BSIF (British Safety Industry Federation) and RSSS (Registered Safety Supplier Scheme) – meaning we are independently audited to ensure we sell only approved, compliant safety products from industry-leading manufacturers. Not many of our competitors are members.

Why? Partly because the business has to operate to a high standard and maintain itself with best-in-class operations. That’s not easy and requires true commitment.

Receiving compliant PPE clothing, hi vis clothing and personal protective equipment starts with compliant, quality assured supply. Or at least we believe so. As do our customers, many with us since start-up in 2016.

Items such as flame retardant clothing + anti-static + ARC protective workwear and safety footwear are critically important to be fully compliant and safe. No forgetting workwear and uniform which should come from reliable manufacturers with quality assurance.

Having confidence in what you buy – and how it’s delivered – leads to highly predictable support of projects and day-to-day end user needs.

What collective experience do we have which guarantees an understanding of each customer’s specific needs?

Nowhere on our website will you find waffle about how our team performs. Excluding the ‘spin’ demonstrates we do our talking in actions: namely outstanding support and service. Though to achieve this we must have expert skills and resources designed for purpose. And we do.

We are a family business: Dad, Mam and Daughter all make the business work. And together with our lovely team, we utilise the decades of PLC ‘big business’ experience of the founder, (Dad). Combined with decades of team and operational management experience of co-owner (Mam). Not forgetting the young pup in the business, and co-owner, (Daughter).

Our team are always on hand to serve…

Lastly, we offer Live Chat and speedy contact to remain available whenever we are needed. Be that out of office hours, weekends or bank holidays, you don’t get to take on the established competitors and national suppliers without points of difference; this remains one!

Become a Member today and join an ever-increasing group of safety equipment end users who Trust PPE Suppliers