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Bolle Tracker Platinum Clear KN Rated Spoggle

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Bolle Tracker safety glasses provides protection from all mechanical risks and also chemical risks, making it unique in the safety glasses range.

This platinum permanent coating applied on both surfaces of the lens makes them highly scratch-resistant (1.4 cd/m²), gives them a high resistance to the most aggressive chemicals and slows the appearance of fogging.

• Interchangeable foam reinforcement with indirect ventilation
• Upper protection
• Lower protection
• Removable adjustable strap
• Straight temples
• Coatings anti-scratch, anti-fog


Temple Version
Lens Markings: 2C-1, 2 1 BT KN CE
Frame Markings: EN166 FT CE

Strap Version
Frame Markings: EN166 3 4 BT CE

Price on request


Bolle Tracker Platinum Clear KN Rated Spoggle