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Dirteeze Antiviral Disinfectant Wipes 200

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Antiviral Hand & Surface Disinfection Wipes

Dirteeze Hand & Surface Antiviral Disinfectant Wipes kill bacteria, mould, fungi and viruses to the highest standards (disinfectant) yet are suitable for hands as well as surfaces.

Kills Human Coronavirus, Influenza Type A, Sars, Bacteria and Fungi.

  • For Hands and Surfaces
  • Sanitises and Disinfects in one-easy step
  • Tested to EN14476 (antiviral), EN16615 (4-field rubbing test), EN13727 (medical standard bactericidal), EN13624 (medical standard fungi & yeasts), EN1276 (antibacterial)
  • Dermatologically Tested

Disinfecting hand and surface wipes designed to destroy viruses, bacteria and fungi, off hard surfaces

• Hybrid disinfecting formulation suitable for use on both hands and surfaces
• Sanitises and Disinfects in one easy step
• Tested to EN1276 (antibacterial), EN14476 (virucidal), EN16615 (4-field test)
• Skin-balanced formulation
• Dermatologically Tested
• Kills Human Coronavirus, Influenza Type A, Sars, Novovirus, Bacteria and Fungi

• For wiping hands and surfaces with maximum kill rates on enveloped viruses and bacteria.

Product code: DHAVCL200
Size: 22 x 20cm
Colour: Blue
Tub: 200 sheets

*Information provided by Dirteeze Marketing and taken from Datasheet*


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Dirteeze Antiviral Disinfectant Wipes 200