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Elite 10 KVA 110v Three Phase Site Transformer

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4 x 16 Amp Outlets & 2 x 32 Amp Outlet

The range of transformers are typically used to convert 240 volt to 110 volt which is predominately used on building and construction sites but other options are also available.

From 1.5 Kva to 10 Kva the size of transformer required will be determined by the wattage of the devices and how many being used. Power Tool rated, Continuous rated, Step Up, Metal Vented and Single Phase Transformers are all included in the range.

If you require any further technical advice regarding this product please do not hesitate to contact any member of our sales team.


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SKU: T10KVA3P Category: Brand: PPE Suppliers


Elite 10 KVA 110v Three Phase Site Transformer

Kva Rating : 10 Kva
Power Rating : 3 Phase
Power Rating : Continuous
Input Voltage : 400 Volt
Input Plug : Not Supplied
Output Voltage : 110 Volt
Output Sockets 16 Amp : 4 x 16 Amp
Output Sockets 32 Amp : 2 x 32 Amp
MCB Protection : Included
Power Cable Length : Not Applicable
Power Cable Diameter : Not Applicable
Height : 69cm
Width : 57cm
Length : 53cm
IP Rating : IP44
Handle : Included
Weight : 75kg