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Same day printed logo | 72hrs embroidered logo – the fastest printed ‘in-house’ garment decoration in the UK

Embroidery and Printed Logo Personalisation from Middlesbrough’s largest family owned and operated Safety Equipment Trade Store – selling Hi Vis Clothing and Workwear with a full printed logo and embroidery logo service (the fastest in the UK).

At PPE Suppliers we are delighted to offer embroidery and printed vinyl logo and garment personalisation for both the trade and public. It’s the fastest service of it’s kind in the UK on printed vinyl logo (often referred to as heat-seal or printed logos). How a family business based in Teesside can offer the UK’s fastest service for garment decoration

Before we begin, some videos which help demonstrate embroidery machines

Here’s a link to watch the awesome ZSK Embroidery machines in action, it will help with your understanding of embroidery machines in general when we discuss embroidery in the guide: ZSK

A guide to achieving the best printed logos

In 2019 we PPE Suppliers invested heavily in brand new industry-leading design, cutting and application equipment by Roland, Stahls and Siser – these really are the best brands for quality application with predictable, lasting results. Though importantly, we’ve made logos a priority – meaning we give serious importance to the entire process. From producing artwork, to multiple cutters all cutting the vinyl logos, to application – we currently have four permanent live pressing stations set-up, all applying logos in sync. We can produce thousands of logos every single day. So, we can produce the fastest service in existence. Truth is, we even apply logos while our customers grab a brew! But for volume orders we obviously have to build into production for that day. Ever had printed vinyl logos which came off? This is why you won’t ever experience that at PPE Suppliers…

The temperature, pressing pressure, time pressed, platen used (think of a shaped base which the garment is spread over to avoid pressing on buttons or zips for example) all play a huge part in the finished product. And when the logo fails it is most certainly down to these factors and possibly cheap machines, cheap vinyl, incorrect settings and of course bad technique. At PPE Suppliers here’s how we guarantee you the very best results, every time…

Our state-of-the-art logo cutting and application machinery is digital – for temperature, time and pressing pressure – plus we have settings saved and applied to ensure the operator can only use the exact vinyl manufacturer’s guided application instructions. So very important we promise you! Lesser heat presses don’t have a consistent temperature across the full pressing area therefore parts of the press are cooler than others…a certain way to deliver poor adhesion…as the vinyl has an adhesive background to ‘melt’ into the garments surface; providing a strong, pliable bond. And here’s another common cause of peeling logos, cheap vinyl. We only buy from the leading UK manufacturers. Because UK businesses deliver us predictable products and service so we can accommodate our customer requirements, timelines.

So now you know a little more about the machinery, products and processes for cutting and applying printed logos and personalised text to hi vis (high visibility) clothing and workwear, why not come and visit our production area in Middlesbrough’s largest PPE, Workwear & Safety Store? We will be happy to explain and demonstrate what we do to ensure only ever the best finish and service! Click here to visit the Trade Store.

How to apply printed logos to waterproof clothing: So many people get this wrong and it really is avoidable. But how? For starters, you must use the correct vinyl (it does differ for PU and Nylon clothing for example) and follow exactly the manufacturer’s application guidance. Though here’s where we enter the ‘guaranteed fail zone’ of poor logo adhesion or melting of garments if you don’t have the best machinery, digitally controlled to assure correct and even temperature, pressing pressure and time needed for the specific vinyl material.

How does embroidery differ to printed vinyl: In a word, massively. Each has their place in the appropriate finish for branding requirements. Depending on the good guidance you receive from your supplier of hi vis clothing, flame retardant and workwear products, vinyl and embroidery can make very different statements in the finished look. And embroidery does have varying costs, lead times, complexities and technical processes.

A good starting point to assess which method is best could be to answer the following three questions:

  1. What’s the final purpose of the garment?
  2. What type of clothing garment do you need?
  3. What is the complexity of the design; is it multi-coloured?

Answering these few simple starter questions will direct your application down either print or embroidered path. But how do they differ?

Firstly print…

  • Large customisation work is often better printed. Due to the size of heat-presses (these are the bespoke machines which apply the logo to the garment) it is possible to easily apply designs as large as 30cm for example
  • Print suits many shorter-life garment applications, such as stag and hen parties, charity or promotional events
  • Costing less than embroidery, printed logos and personalisation does workout less per garment – because embroiderers charge set-up fees (to digitise the design) and maybe have minimum orders too

Now for embroidery…

  • Embroidery is highly durable, more than print. An embroidered logo should last the lifetime of the garment for instance. Practical for workwear, though designs should be less than 15cm to ensure sensible costing ‘v’ printed
  • Embroidery is most suited to workwear, especially fleece jackets which prove difficult to print on due to the fluffy material. Very durable on caps and hats too
  • Embroidery delivers as many as 15 thread colours in a single design. So unless you opt for a digital printed logo, maybe on a white background possibly, the embroidery option could suit a more complex design

We’ve already explained printed vinyl logos, so let’s think more about embroidered logos and personalisation (such as name, positions, tag lines and so on) as an alternative to printed.

The software and machinery used creates huge differences in the finished logo: A skill which is not easily or quickly learned is digitising a logo for use by the embroidery machine’s software – this is a technical term which explains taking a PDF or JPEG image and turning it into a file format which is used to instruct the machinery to stitch this colour, here, this way. Simple? No way, it is very difficult and the biggest single reason for other suppliers producing poor logos in our experience.

Using the exepensive, but necessary, digitising software will help an experienced operator to create repeatably beautiful results with text and logos using as many as 15 different thread colours in one single design. Incredible when you think about it! And how long has our operator been doing these skilled jobs: 20+ years. Hence the head start on quality results delivered by PPE Suppliers Ltd.

But there’s more: The machinery. It is european, well-made and very, very expensive. You might be surprised to learn that an average cost for a 6 x Head embroidery machine (capable of producing six of the same design on garments at any one time) costs £36000! We didn’t put an extra zero in there by mistake, it really is a huge investment for any business. Though they can run for 20+ years, and 24hrs a day. And genuinely do in some instances we know of.

How do we ensure a great finish, from a seasoned professional: We outsource the embroidery. There you go, we have been typically honest and transparent. Because many competitors give the false illusion they produce embroidery in-house, though the reality is they for sure don’t. And why blag? Because perception counts…and they think it defines a sense of scale and capability…though maybe it deceives more than it defines. So how can we be so honest about this…

Proudly, PPE Suppliers Ltd is the largest customer of our outsourced embroidery supplier partner. A local family business too. That means something to us, that we support other local small businesses. And our combined 4yr relationship means we consistently deliver even faster services than many suppliers who do have their own in-house service. How? It really is more about the people now than it is the machinery, or software. They’re great people and we work as one; together we deliver a fantastic service in as little as 24hrs, but more commonly 72hrs.

So there it is. Laid bare. The good and the bad of the logo branding industry, but maybe explained a touch more openly and straightforwardly than you’ve read before.

Where to go for your company logo branding: PPE Supplier’s future in this sector has been firmly cemented by multiple recent investments in software and machinery. And thanks to continuing supplier partners and our combined expertise – taking something complex and making it simple, fast and competitively-priced – our customers are many. Local, national and european customers of all sizes; who’ve come to trust in the service and value we deliver with pride. We hope you become a customer too…

Thank you for taking the time to read about us. We hope to serve see you soon!

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