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How to Become a Safety Equipment Distributor


Become a PPE & Safety Equipment Distributor in the UK

Safety Equipment Distributors sell and distribute safety products to end users of equipment. In terms of Covid-19 PPE suppliers that means a whole lot more since 2020. And it’s crucial that wearers of medical PPE and safety equipment in general trust the supply; Trust PPE Suppliers

Becoming a distributor is incredibly difficult (that’s the bad news). I should know, it was myself who started our family business in 2016 without any customers, suppliers, staff, contacts and knowledge of an amazingly complex business sector. But create, survive and thrive we did. So much so I started the UK’s first Franchise & Reseller Membership.

You can become a distributor so much easier now (that’s the good news) with the unique help and partnership offered by PPE Suppliers Ltd.

BSIF (British Safety Industry Federation) helps prevent non-compliant supplies

PPE Suppliers Ltd are members of the BSIF. In fact we were one of the first independent distributors in the UK to join their membership. And today we stand as advocates of trustworthy distributors who hold their supply chain to high standards, required by inclusion to the BSIF.

How difficult is it to ensure a flow of compliant safety products into the UK. And how can I become part of this industry sector by becoming a safety equipment distributor? Answer: By joining our unique and proven Membership business model, now open to new applications. Please read on…


Becoming a UK Safety Products Distributor and PPE Wholesaler

Wow, is there a few now! Especially since everyone and their dog decided to get on the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) perceived ‘gravy train’, becoming an overnight distributor of Covid-19 medical supplies. And it’s no surprise that some of these new suppliers (and existing) were/are dangerously incompetent – offering sub standard non-compliant products, claims or certification. Enter the BSIF again…

Thankfully though, more specialist and principled businesses such as ours stepped up to the challenge and found the metal to keep the country supplied in times of extreme need.

Whether you’re buying for the NHS, care sector, MoD, emergency services, councils, doctors, dentists, opticians, charities…our list of customers goes on…we never turned our back on a loyal customer base. And we never will. Because “we look after them that look after us” – and most of our SME customers have been with us from day one. That’s rare.


Trade and Bulk Orders of Safety Equipment

End customers or end users buy it, distributors or resellers sell it. Though in some cases it’s sold by Resellers. But what’s a Reseller and how do they differ to Distributors? Well let’s start to break down the obvious differences and understand where new distributors (or resellers) can fit in:

  • Reseller explained – a business or individual selling supplies of products B2B or B2C bought from a distributor
  • Distributor explained – a business which sells supplies to resellers, direct to end users and businesses and organisations
  • Dropshipping explained – a method of supplying products which are sold by a reseller but sent direct via courier from a distributor

So not an exhaustive explanation, more a simple distinction of how we see each place in the supply chain of equipment supplies is occupied by each relevant practitioner. With more relevance now placed on How to Become a Safety Equipment Distributor


Joining the PPE Suppliers Ltd Membership

Starting to sell general specialist medical PPE from trusted medical PPE manufacturers

Firstly, we have a limited number of applicants which we will appoint. Therefore, if you are seriously interested in becoming a reseller then now is the time to get in touch!

Secondly, you will create a new way of earning revenue from the sale of safety supplies. This may be your only income. Replace an existing income stopped by Covid. Or a  more long-term strategic plan to incorporate the sale of protective equipment by ‘bolting-on’ to an already operational business.

Thirdly, we won’t allow just anyone into the Reseller Membership – for very understandable reasons of business morality and principles – but we will allow end users of equipment to buy at discounted prices. Though never underselling our Resellers, they will always buy best!

Are you ready to Become a Safety Equipment Distributor. A Reseller. Or a Member?

Get in touch now to start the process. We can appoint in only a matter of days, allowing you to supply your customers, contacts or business with discounted compliant safety products…