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PPE Suppliers Ltd offers what3words Free App

Ppe Suppliers Ltd Offers What3Words Free App

PPE Suppliers Ltd offers what3words Free App to Trade B2B Customers

what3words is a logistics and safety online innovation which helps to better deliver Safety Equipment Supplies throughout the UK

As part of an unwavering commitment to operational and sales excellence, PPE Suppliers Ltd offers what3words Free App for Apple and Android devices. Why has this innovation been added to the benefits we offer? Please read on to find out…


Making deliveries has never been made more accurate or hassle-free than using what3words unique, random 3 words for each delivery location.

How does it work?

The globe has been overlaid with a grid consisting of each individual 3mtr square, given a random but unique 3 words for exact locating with faultless accuracy. A useful tool for delivery of goods, as well as supporting emergency services in identifying and responding to accidents and issues when locations are remote, have no address or are difficult to find.

Why is this innovation useful to the supply of safety supplies?

Many of the locations our customers work in are new, changing or complex in terms of scale. There may be many different places for delivery, each order having only the generic site post code which is often restrictive. So, when you consider this we acknowledge the following situations can benefit from the App:

  • new build construction sites yet to establish an address
  • multi-site delivery points such as multiple stores, offices, security, reception, weigh bridge etc
  • road works and construction with changing access or delivery points
  • rail possessions and out of hours emergency works, useful when the clock is ticking…
  • petrochemical facilities with many contractor stores or offices, tenant businesses and planned shutdowns
  • power plants, substations and planned outages with multiple contractor stores and thousands of operatives


What benefits are possible beyond delivery of goods?

Many. Because the Built Environment is teeming with opportunities to deploy this technology quickly, easily and without cost. Imagine an accident occurs in a remote location. One without an address. How will you direct emergency services to the precise spot of the incident? With what3words this can be done in seconds.

Here’s a link to read an article the BBC created to showcase the life saving possibilities BBC Article

What3words is free to emergency services and members of the public. Here’s a North Yorkshire Police article detailing how they find the App useful.

Less dramatic but equalling as unique, say you want to survey a site for construction pricing; need to meet colleagues, or simply grab a cab on your day off! At the ‘touch of a button’ a smart phone makes these tasks easy through this App.

Who already uses the App apart from PPE Suppliers Ltd. Is it widely accepted yet?

Yes within the world; no within the safety supplies sector. You may think why don’t more independent safety distributors offer it? PPE Suppliers Ltd are the first in the UK to offer this marvellous free tool. But who knows, when competitors see our trail blazing use of this innovation then more will follow us.

Can I see the App in use?

Watch the short video below to better understand just what’s possible from usage of the App


Now I’m convinced about it’s use, where can I download the Free App and start using it?

Download the Free App for Apple or Android

Can I use this App within my own business?

Yes, absolutely. In fact we love this innovation so much that our Managing Director and Founder of PPE Suppliers Ltd, Andy Laking, had this to say about wider use: “The built environment is a wash with instances where our service innovation can deliver timely, safe and secure delivery of goods. Plus our customers can also use the FREE App to help their teams and clients engage in services with less hassle or complication”.

So we really do want our customers, their clients, family and friends to join us in getting all the benefits of this future-proof service.

How do I use my what3words for better deliveries on this website?

Using the service and getting precise delivery of the goods we supply to businesses and organisations across the UK couldn’t be easier. Once you have the App downloaded and have your unique 3 words you’re ready to go! See instruction for use below:

Start using what3words in Checkout: type your unique 3 words for each delivery in the allocated what3words field during address information. That’s it! We’ll include within our parcel address labels. Now couriers using what3words have all they need for successful delivery…


Keep up to date with the way this App can work for you when buying from PPE Suppliers Ltd. Here’s a link to the dedicated information page which has all the help, guidance and suggestion you could require.

If you do have any questions about the service please contact us by email or click on Live Chat for real-time support and guidance.

what3words from PPE Suppliers Ltd
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