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Workwear Shop in Middlesbrough with Fast Turnaround


Workwear Shop in Middlesbrough with Fast Turnaround

Open to all, workwear clothing with embroidery or printed logo and personalisation for great brand image

Workwear brands offered

As authorised Distributors and Stockists our main brands of industry-leading clothing manufacturers are ORN and Orbit. These two UK based manufacturers are long established and help provide our customers with excellent quality clothing and uniform with huge size range, very comprehensive colour range and in a variety of styles.

What are the most popular types of workwear?

We notice a definite trend towards working clothes which have two tone colours and hi vis (high visibility) reflective piping for greater visibility within the workplace; this can prove very helpful for enhanced safety on construction sites, warehouses, roads and factories operating forklift trucks.

But by far the largest call for our branded clothing – and unbranded plain workwear too – is for the traditional poly cotton mix of standard colours such as black, navy, graphite, bottle green, royal blue in particular. With tried and tested features and lasting performance of uniform and workwear staples such as polo shirt, shirt, sweatshirt, fleece jacket, soft shell jacket, trousers and the likes.



What is best for workwear: embroidery (embroidered logo) or print logo (vinyl heat-seal or digital print)?

Probably the starting point for any consideration of how best to logo clothing. And it’s that important we have created a separate guide to getting the best out of logos which you can read at your leisure here embroidery printed logo personalisation

But in a nutshell we find it fairly simple to advise:

  • Printed is great for hi vis clothing and often inexpensive, fast to apply and lasts very well if applied properly using quality materials, cutters and heat press machines. Digital print offers best reproduction of colour and design but does fade over time.
  • Embroidery is excellent for a long-lasting finish which won’t deteriorate for the life of a garment; it is slightly more cost and takes a little longer to apply, though a massive choice of colour and design can be catered for by a competent operator.

“We would advise any wearer or buyer of logo’d clothing to always go with experience of designers and application operators when factoring who to trust with your branded clothing. Machines and people really do make the difference here…”

How do I set up my logo for logo application and how much does it cost?

At PPE Suppliers Ltd we answer that question emphatically: here you get free of charge set up, often costing £20 or more elsewhere. And to set up the logo file in a format for either print or embroidery (they both use very different design software and operating software) we need only a JPEG, PDF or PNG to work with. Though higher resolution files to help achieve a better detailed finish, especially with digital print.

Where can I try on workwear and work clothes in Teesside or the North East?

We have used that exact phrase because in the title above as it’s a common search query of anyone looking to visit a trade shop selling workwear. Many want to see, touch and try on the garments for size and fit. But here you run into trouble! Because the number of workwear shops offering this service has decreased over recent years, quite dramatically. Why? Because many distributors are not stockists. They don’t want the cost of operating and staffing an expensive trade store. And some existing stores do not specialise in garment branding and so aren’t equipped to offer a fast, competitive service which can be relied on for repeat orders.

Why can I Trust PPE Suppliers with our workwear supply?

A great question! It is answered in part by the customer base locally and nationally, even internationally, who have been with us since we started trading in 2016. Now that doesn’t sound like a long time maybe if you are new to workwear suppliers. Though let me reassure you, most workwear distributors go bust within 2yrs or less! They lose customers over poor service, slow turnaround of orders, inexperienced and poor advice and bad application of logos…they fail to hit the highest quality of service which is needed for building trust. Especially for repeat orders over many years.

Visit a Workwear Shop in Middlesbrough selling and stocking work clothes: Workwear Trade Shop






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